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Our mechanical engineers support you in the realization of your projects

At 3Desco, product research and development is at the heart of our business. That's why our team has the talent and expertise to support you in all your mechanical engineering or reverse engineering projects. Whether you want to modify and evolve a product or process in place, or make a new project, you can count on the dynamism of 3Desco.

From start to finish, our mechanical engineers participate in projects and oversee them to ensure success and quality. Our clients appreciate our rigorous project management and quality control processes.

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Here is an example of the variety of products and services that we offer in engineering.

  • Project management
  • Feasibility and profitability analysis (detailed report)
  • Finite element simulation (computer assisted)
  • Load calculation and analysis
  • Validation of products
  • Reverse Engineering

Our engineering services are directed to companies and industries in various sectors.

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Industrial - commercial



Outsourcing in engineering

Need internal resources specialized in engineering?
3Desco also offers you an experienced outsourcing workforce.

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